About Sue


Hi I'm Sue Sloan!   For those of you that do not know me I'm a happily married woman (36yrs).  My husbands name is Mike and we have 3 daughters and 7 grandchildren!  I have a background in graphic design and have always had a passion for symmetry and geometry.

I discovered I have a passion for dot mandala painting a few years ago.  Painting has become my go to when I need to relax and de-stress.  I love everything about it and enjoy painting on a daily basis.  I also LOVE sharing everything I learn and create with others on my YouTube Channel.

Link to my channel  ----->   SuesMandalas

I am a cancer survivor been battling it for about 13 years now and will be for the rest of my life.  I do not let this get me down and instead put my efforts into living life to the fullest and pursuing my passions.  Painting being one of them.  :)

I hope my channel to be a place for inspiration for others.  My goal is to help others enjoy this art form and learn to just destress and enjoy the process.   You can find a link to our Facebook group if you care to join on the main page of this site or in any tutorial on my YouTube channel.

Thank you to all of you that support my channel and my artwork it means the world to me.  :)