These are the tools I use to create my Mandala's.  I made this page for those of you that follow my tutorials so that you may find them easily.


You can purchase these from their Etsy Shop.   DIY Mandala Stones

I also use Ball Stylus tools.  I purchased those on Amazon


Pergamano Perforating Tool I purchased on Amazon

The tool I use most from them is not the Perforating but the Embossing tool.  It is 0.5mm and VERY hard to find in stock.   They sell them on Amazon and the Pergamano site.  But where I ended up buying mine was here:


Happy Dotting Company Molds  - This is where I purchase MOST of my molds.

I also got my chalk pencil from them but do not see it listed anymore. 

 Happy Dotting Company

The compass I use (I get asked this a lot)

I purchased this at Walmart but you can also get it on Amazon