Matte Finish Mini Mandala Art Stone Blue/Lavender


  • $15.00

This item is a molded art stone I created using Ultra Cal 30 and hand sanded to a smooth finish.

This is a Mini Mandala Stone (1.5 inch diameter) I made taking time with great care and patience.  I like to relax and meditate as I paint.

Each dot is placed one by one taking many hours to complete the mandala. Every stone I create is an original designed as I paint.  This is painted on both sides of the stone as shown in the images.

I take inspiration by things around me.  It could be nature with all the different plants, animals, people, or a rainbow in the sky.  My color choices change as my moods do.   I like to let my feelings flow into what I create and feel that each stone is a part of me that I share with others.

My painted rocks can assist you in your own meditation, as a special detail to add to your alter or be given as a special gift for a friend or loved one.   You do not need to use this stone for mediation as it could be used merely for décor as well.   They make the perfect gift for someone that has everything or just a beautiful object to give a teacher, caregiver, or healthcare worker.  Really anyone you just want to say thank you to in a unique and thoughtful manner.

Please note: the colors might result slightly different than what you see on your screen.

This stone is suitable for indoors use only.  

Please handle with care and keep it away from water and direct sunlight.  Although the stone is sealed to protect it they can be damaged if thrown around or not treated with care.   Mandala stones are not meant to be played with by children as they can be hurt by them just as they could any other stone.

The stone you see in the pictures is the stone that you will receive upon purchase.   So please take the time to really look at the images.   

Thank you for considering my art and allowing me to share a part of myself with you.  


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