Digital Download - 4 Inch Teal and Orange


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This is step by step directions on how to make this 4 Inch Teal and Orange Dot Mandala Design.

This is a PDF digital pattern, not a physical product.  This PDF will give you step by step instructions on how to create this dot mandala pattern.  You can use this pattern on many different things.  I have dotted on many surfaces such as  canvas, rocks, greeting cards, tile, wood boxes, ornaments, water bottles, phone cases, wood ornaments, notebook covers, the possibilities are endless.  You just need a smooth flat surface and the right kind of paint.

I use DIY Mandala Stones tool set for all my patterns.  There is a chart showing the mm sizes for all the tools so that you can convert it to whatever tool set you use.  The paints I used are also listed in the pattern.  You can use any type of paint that you choose I just include colors used so that you can find them easily if you like.

All my patterns for sale on my website have been created by Me.  All images and patterns are copyright to SuesMandalas.  These are for personal use only.  Please do not share these files with others.  You can however share what you create with them.  I do allow people to use my patterns to make gifts for family and friends, or even to sell at a local craft fair.  Anything beyond that please contact me for proper license.

In my patterns you will find pictures of each step along the way in creating this design.  I do give instruction next to each picture as well.  I do list the size and what the pattern was created one.  You can easily change the size by moving up or down in tool size.  If this is a larger pattern you can always use parts of it on smaller objects as well.  Really the choice is yours.

If you have any issues downloading your product you can reach me at and I will be happy to email it to you if need be.

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