Large Dot Mandala Stone in Pastels


  • $15.00

This is a stone which I created using a mold and Ultracal 30.  This creates a very smooth surface and gives it the weight of an actual stone.  I hand sand each stone to make sure they are very smooth and nice to the touch.  Also so that they will not scratch your surfaces.

All of my stones are hand painted by myself.  I take my time and enjoy the process of each and every stone I create.  The designs are made up as I'm dotting and VERY RARELY do I make a stone more then once.   I think I've recreated maybe 3 stones in all the time I've been painting.

I do resin my stones unless noted that they are not.  So this stone can be used indoor or outdoors.  They are wonderful outside in your garden or sitting inside on a table top for décor.  They also make wonderful gifts for family and friends to brighten up a room.  

My hope is that you enjoy the beauty of the stone as much as I did creating it.  Thank you so much for considering purchasing my art.  

Stone is approximately 3.8 inches in diameter and 1.3 inches high.

The pictures of this stone is the actual stone you will receive. 

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