Wood Christmas Ornament #4

Wood Christmas Ornament #4


  • $15.00

Happy Holidays!

All of my ornaments are hand painted by myself.  I take my time and enjoy the process of each and every one I create.  The designs are made up as I'm dotting and VERY RARELY do I make a pattern more then once.   There maybe some similarity to them to no two are alike.  

This ornament is made of solid wood.  I dot on them using acrylic paints and then seal them with a matte finishing spray.  This is a SMALL ornament (1.7 inch) its actually a solid wooden sphere that I drilled a hole in and added an eyelet to make into an ornament.    

Please note I would store these indoors so the temperature is not to hot or to cold.  I've never tested them in those conditions so they may melt or crack if you store them that way.  I keep mine indoors in a closet and they have been fine for years.  

Some ornaments are older then others and my skill has improved over time so make sure when you select an ornament to purchase you look over the display image.   This ornaments design goes all the way around the ornament.

My hope is that you enjoy the beauty of the ornament as much as I did creating it.  Thank you so much for considering purchasing my art.  

Ornament is a 1.7 Inch solid wood ornament.

The picture is the actual ornament you will receive.  

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